In the Vineyard

The vineyard is where our winemaking starts. Great wine needs top quality grapes and to produce top quality grapes we need to keep the vines healthy and manage our yields to produce ripe bunches with maximum flavours. At harvest, the best grapes are hand picked to avoid damage, selecting only those bunches that meet our ripeness and quality criteria. In this way, we know only the best fruit goes into making Ata Mara wine. The fruit is taken to the winery as it's picked and the speed ensures all the goodness is kept in the grapes.

Ata Mara Winemakers

Our winemaker ,Jeremy McKenzie knows our vines well. Every vintage he walks the rows as the grapes ripen, tasting and testing to decide where the best grapes grow to include in our Ata Mara wines. When harvest time arrives, our best grapes are carefully hand picked and taken to the winery where Jeremy and his team create Ata Mara wines.